1.Event collaboration

We act as event agent for you,organize conferences, seminars and networking parties.We can co-organize 5 events with you every year.

We organize startup events for your company to build relationship with startups or encourage internal startup in your company. We organize over 200 events every year.We can arrange events for you.

Term of contract:1 year

2.Startup refferal collaboration

It is one of the best ways if you seek startups to collaborate or invest in.

As sponsors,you can access to the over 100 startups who are backed Samurai Incubate or use SSI.You can find high-potential startups here.

Term of contract:1 year

3.Israel collaboration

We provide a work space at Samurai House in Israel(a shared office) to support to launch your products and R&D center in Israel.We also provide the information of the forefront of hi-tech 6000 Israeli startups.

This menu is for enterprise who seek outside innovation seeds.It generate opportunity to meet promising Israeli startups who would be next google and facebook in the world.

Term of contract:1 year

4. Intra‐venture business collaboration

Supporting intra‐venture business in your company.

If you would like to touch the external idea and motivate your company to build something new.We can organizing Intr-venture event for you with our startup commnuty.This is custom-made collaboration.

Term of contract:1 time


If you have any collaboration proposals with our co-working space.Please contact us and let us discuss it with you.。

Term of contract:Negotiable